What we train our Service Dogs to do

All of our Service Dogs are trained in living the lifestyle of a Service Dog. It is about attention, cooperation and intervention.

All of our Service Dogs are trained in public access behaviors and commands and certified as reliable before placement. Most dogs are proficient in 40-50 commands before placement.

In Training

Diabetic Alert - Service Dogs are trained to smell a drop in blood sugar and alert the person by nudging first, and then barking.

Seizure Alert - Dogs are trained to stay with their person in public areas if they should fall and have a seizure. At home, they can be trained to either press an Alarm Button OR go and get help.

Stability/ Balance - Dogs are trained to brace when their person feels unstable. They pick things up. They sometimes are trained with a Walking Harness.

Wheelchair Assistance - Picking things up, opening and closing doors and drawers, pulling wheelchair, and fall alert.

Autism (particularly Asperger’s Syndrome) - Intervention of meltdowns, compression techniques, intercept anxiety.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Circle the person on command, waking their person from a nightmare, disrupting an anxiety attack.