Training Philosophy

Training commands is only the first step in a sequence of training techniques to meet the needs of a person with disabilities. Service Dogs Alabama (SDA) trains Service Dogs for cooperation and scent detection by association. We train Service Dogs to live a lifestyle that meets the needs of their recipient as well as perform tasks that can save their lives.


We do not break the dog’s spirit, but encourage their natural abilities. We never force a dog to do service work, but find the dogs that thrive on having a full time job.

We believe in finding what a dog loves to do and training/allowing them to reach their full potential in this area. Some dogs love and excel in scent detection (for diabetic alert), some dogs love to retrieve (for wheelchair assistance), and some dogs naturally detect emotional changes (for Autism and PTSD). So we train our dogs to be reliable doing whatever they love to do.

We have learned that the real magic of the Service Dog happens after a trained dog is placed in their full-time job with a child or an adult or in a school. It is a mission that proves its destiny every moment of every day. It is a simple philosophy with a complex methodology that works to develop reliable Service Dogs.