Do I Qualify? Joshua Grantham and Hank

Service Dogs Alabama provides Service Dogs to active adults who meet these criteria:

  • Are a resident of Alabama.
  • Have the ability and responsibility to care for and manage a dog on their own.
  • Has no history of violent behavior.
  • Has a disability that qualifies for a Service Dog under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Completes the application and meets the fundraising goals (See How to Apply).
  • Has a recommendation for a Service Dog from an MD Doctor whom has treated them for at least six months.
  • Passes a home inspection that certifies the living environment is safe and comfortable for a dog (Fenced yards are generally required with few exceptions).
  • Passes a family interview to assure all family members are supportive.
  • Family has the financial means to support a Service Dog and the time required to assist in maintaining the dog’s training.
  • The lifestyle of the family is suitable for having a service dog.
  • Family agrees to the SDA Care and Training Guidelines.
  • Recipient agrees to attend training sessions as requested by a SDA Trainer.
  • Recipient agrees to re-evaluation and re-certification in Montgomery annually for the first three years that he/she has his SDA service dog.