K-9s 4 Schools

Dogs in SchoolsSchool Dogs + Follow the Lead intervention techniques= SUCCESS


  • To reduce stress in the classroom, during a counseling sessions, or during testing.
  • To create opportunities for inclusion and participation for all students.
  • To deflect any opportunities for conflict and diffuse defiant and disruptive behaviors.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Provide teachers with the tools to break the patterns of students that use disruptive or defiant behaviors to gain negative attention, and instead, use the behavior to create opportunities for inclusion and participation for the whole classroom. Follow the Lead methods change the outcome to a primary Goal which teaches students that disruption and defiance does not equal attention or value in any way.
  • Eliminate bullying and Peer Isolation- unify the students with a “bridge” friend (the dogs) and promote inclusion and participation with all students on an equal basis with Follow the Lead techniques.
  • Diffuse unwanted behaviors- School Dogs are trained for intervention to calm anxiety people (students and teachers). Follow the Lead is designed to counteract drama using a trained dog as the an interception tool.
  • Reduce stress levels in the classrooms and common school areas.
  • Create a friendly and interactive atmosphere – the children look forward to coming to school.
  • Help students struggling with confidence and learning issues -using the dog as a study partner.
  • Build communication between teachers and students- common interest in the dog.
  • Teach compassion, empathy and responsibility - dogs always model unconditional acceptance
  • K-9s 4 Schools is a program of Service Dogs Alabama. Our School Dogs are trained like Service Dogs with Public Access certification, but with additional commands to work off-leash in classrooms with multiple people.