Dog with camera

Service Dogs Alabama is a very visual-centric organization. We love taking photos and videos of dogs and their handlers, especially the video testimonials of those whose lives have been positively impacted by the placement of one of our service dogs.

The images or our dogs and the voices and faces of our kids, families and veterans tell the story way better than a volume of text. So check out those heartwarming videos on this page.

Gaige's story

Gaige is a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. He had frequent meltdowns, no friends, and was slowly withdrawing from the world. His family feared they would lose him forever. Then, “Emma” entered his life.

Please take a moment to watch this incredible, heartwarming story. It encapsulates why Service Dogs Alabama and K-9s 4 Kids exist and demonstrates how miracles can occur with your help.

Gaige's Father

Chris Mendez, Gaige's father, speaks to the life changing experience his family has undergone thanks to the insertion of Emma into their lives.

Connie Hudzik

This short video features Connie Hudzik, a former prison inmate, who talks about how the K-9s 4 Kids and Heroes programs helped her while she was serving time in prison.